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SBOE Members by district:

1  Rene Nunez 
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2  Mary Helen Berlanga
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3  Michael Soto  
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6  Terri Leo
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7  David Bradley
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8  Barbara Cargill
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11  Patricia Hardy
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12  George Clayton
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13  Mavis B. Knight
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14  Gail Lowe (Chairman)
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15  Bob Craig
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About TBSE

Texans for Better Science Education is a group of concerned Texas citizens who support the right of all students and teachers to learn about all sides of scientific explanations concerning topics such as origin of life, Darwinian evolution, and global warming, free from censorship and intimidation and as required by existing Texas law.   

We oppose efforts by some groups to censor the teaching of evolution by preventing students from learning about scientific criticisms of the theory. We are appalled by the bullying tactics adopted by groups who try to smear anyone who disagrees with them as extremists or uneducated religious radicals.  In reality, these groups are the real extremists as evidenced by their use of intimidation, censorship, character attacks, name-calling, and unsubstantiated charges to stamp out legitimate debate.    

We do want to take well known scientific errors out of textbooks and in their place present well known scientific weaknesses of evolutionary theories and hypotheses.  

You can help us now.

  1. Help spread the word to your teachers and students that in Texas, teaching weaknesses of evolution is not only allowed, it is required.

  2. Help locate errors in the book that you teach from or your child is learning from.  Though many textbook errors were removed during the adoption process, many more remain.

  3. Obtain and use supplemental material to teach students and teachers the profound scientific weaknesses now evident in neo-Darwinian thinking.

  4. Sign up to support the teaching of both strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory in public schools.    We invite all citizens who agree with this to sign our electronic petition - it is NOT necessary for you to have formal scientific training to be involved with this effort. 

  5. Call or write your State Board of Education (SBOE) member (see right column). 

  6. Write letters to your local papers and local school board supporting putting both strengths and weaknesses in the textbooks as required by Texas law, and 

  7. Contact the publishers themselves, particularly if you are a teacher, administrator, etc. in the school system, and let them know that you would WELCOME the addition of weaknesses being put in the books.  (The publishers are concerned that they will not be able to sell books if they treat the science honestly and include both strengths and weaknesses.  They are getting much pressure from the Darwinian thought police to leave the dogmatic 'evolution-as-fact' approach in the books.)

You might want to check some of our resources, especially the Evolutionist Quotes , the Teacher Resources and the Weaknesses of Evolution summary pages.  From time to time the News and Press Release pages are interesting.

We also maintain a free, no-spam, self-subscribe and unsubscribe emailing list here

Thank you!