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Don’t forget the State Board of Education (SBOE)!

Solid education is the foundation of an informed electorate.

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As we look forward to the upcoming elections, we at Texans for Better Science Education (TBSE) want to alert our conservative friends of the importance of the SBOE race at the bottom of the ballot. It is so easy for this race to be overlooked! But it is foundationally important to the conservative cause, so we are sending this newsletter to many conservative groups not usually included on our newsletters. Please forward this on to other conservative leaders that you know.

In recent SBOE actions the conservative representatives have done an excellent job with what they had to work with. The biggest problem is that the conservative are in a minority and have been for a long time, even though there has been a GOP majority. That is because many RINOs (republicans in name only) have been elected and these RINOs often team up with the liberals and Democrats to control issues before the SBOE.   Even so, conservatives have often put together fragile majorities on specific issues, resulting in massive improvements to the Texas standards.

The next big SBOE action will be to revise the TEKS standards in 2013 followed by a review and adoption of all the instructional materials in the succeeding years.

But, before that, will be the 2012 primary and general election where representatives of all SBOE districts will be elected due to the recent redistricting.  So this election is where conservative supporters need to focus for now.

For years the liberals have controlled education and used it to teach liberal/progressive ideas as if these were obvious and unquestionable facts. If the youth are taught those unquestioned ways year after year, this liberal indoctrination will steadily instill a liberal mindset in the electorate. It is no wonder that liberals have recently enjoyed great support from young voters. Unfortunately the conservative leaders have long neglected the schools and let the liberals have their way in that arena.  For several years there was a substantial conservative minority on the SBOE and they accomplished much in the areas of language arts, social studies, history, science and math. But for the last couple of years the liberals have gotten back in control by supporting the election of RINOs who will work with and support the liberal ideas in education. We want to call on our conservative friends to wake up, take action, and stop the liberal steamroller that sneaks RINOs through the SBOE elections at the bottom of the ballot.

Another important consideration for supporting the SBOE is your representatives in the legislature because the legislature empowers the SBOE and it can just as well limit the SBOE or even disable it. Each session the liberals enter bills to disband, limit, or hamper the SBOE in various ways and sometimes they succeed. So it is very important to question the state legislature candidates about their stance on the SBOE. Do they support a strong SBOE able to assert the will of the electorate in education? Do they intend to support the solid conservatives on the SBOE? Don’t let these issues slip by! With continued neglect we could well find ourselves with no representation at all in determining educational policy. Neglect of education as the foundation of a well informed electorate will lead us to repeat the communist and socialist experiments of the past – right here at home.

Here are some suggestions for conservative leaders:

·         Make sure the people in your group know your SBOE and legislative districts. Remember, your district is your turf! Don’t let the liberals dominate your turf.

·         Invite a conservative SBOE member to speak (they don’t necessarily have to be a candidate in you district). Let them educate your group on the important issues and people in your local districts.

·         Who are the SBOE candidates in your district? Are they Dems, RINOs or solid conservative? Encourage personal support from your people with both money and volunteer time for the solid conservatives.

·         Ditto for the legislative candidates. The legislature controls the power of the SBOE! Do they support a strong SBOE representing the will of the people? And very important is the Speaker of the House because he appoints all the committees and thereby controls what bills, and in what form those bills will come to the floor for a vote! 

·         Is your local GOP office focused on the SBOE? Make sure they know of your desire for solid conservatives!

·         Develop a fact sheet for the candidates in your districts and include the SBOE.

·         Help find and encourage capable conservatives to run for the SBOE! How can one get started and make it work? There is probably no better resource than the solid conservatives that have recently served.  Note that one must file between November 28th and December 15th (6PM) so time is getting short.


The solid conservatives currently on the Board are Barbara Cargill (District 8), Terri Leo (District 6), David Bradley (District 7), Ken Mercer (District 5), Charlie Garza (District 1), and Gail Lowe (District 14). The others are openly Democratic liberals, or make-believe conservatives, or worse. The following links will be helpful in identifying your district and representatives and their basic contact information.


SBOE members:                 http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=3803.

District map:                       http://www.tlc.state.tx.us/redist/pdf/e1018/map.pdf

2012 District map:            http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us/download/SBOE/PLANE120.pdf

Who represents you?    http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/.

  Let’s take action to support a strong conservative SBOE!

Frank Mayo


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